Flash Dance - Love Theme - Unknown Artist - Flash (Vinyl, LP)

French anarchists armed with knives were already causing trouble on the ferry crossing. Political and logistical difficulties resulted in the organisers eventually realising that the festival would not make a profit and declaring it to be "a free festival", although the majority of the audience had paid for tickets in advance, and the event was filmed contemporaneously. The commercial failings of the festival ensured it was the last event of its kind on the Isle of Wight for thirty-two years.

The opposition to the proposed festival from the residents of the Isle of Wight was much better coordinated than it had been in previous years. The Isle of Wight was a favoured retirement destination of the British well-heeled, and a haven of the yachting set, and many of the traditional residents deplored the huge influx of " hippies " and "freaks". This led to the introduction of sections to the "Isle of Wight County Council Act " designed to control any further large overnight gatherings.

As a result of this public scrutiny, the preferred ideal location for the third Festival was blocked, and the promoters in the end had no choice but to accept the only venue on offer by the authorities: East Afton Farm, Afton Down. One unintended result of this choice of location was that, since it was overlooked by a large hill, a significant number of people were able to watch the proceedings for free.

Teo Macero is credited as the producer for the Isle of Wight disks. In fact, she could do everything. I called her Renaissance woman. She really was quite outstanding". De Paul never married. De Paul later stated that Connery's remarks and her upbringing with a violent father inspired her participation in campaigns to raise awareness against domestic violence.

My first love will always be music. Prince Charles was also quite enamoured with de Paul. The two met at a charity dinner party at The Ritz in Piccadilly.

In his book Settling DownJames Whitaker, the Daily Mirror ' s royal editor, wrote, "Fellow guests that night sat entranced as the Prince grew more and more friendly towards Lynsey, clearly bowled over by the diminutive singer's looks and bubbly personality.

She was a patron of the Spike Milligan Statue Memorial Fund and was present for the unveiling of the statue in his honour in September During LP) s de Paul bought a 'haunted' gothic style home in Holly Village, [] Highgate before moving in the s to a Victorian mansion in Hampstead, in North London.

De Paul was a long-time campaigner for animal rights and shared her house with a three-legged cat called Tripod. Politically, de Paul was referred to as a supporter of the Conservative Party and appeared at the Tory conference along with other celebrities where she sang a jingle she had composed for the event. She put her career on hold at the end of the s until the end of to look after her ailing mother, who, until she died, was the company secretary for Lynsey de Paul Music Limited.

De Paul suffered a brain haemorrhage on the morning of 1 October at her home in Mill Hill and was later pronounced dead at Barnet General Hospital. She could do everything: she could sing, she could compose, she was an immensely talented artist. She became a huge star but she was also a loyal and generous LP). From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. English singer-songwriter.

Musical artist. See also: List of songs written by Lynsey de Paul. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography online ed. Oxford University Press. ISBN Subscription or UK public library membership required. The Guardian. Retrieved 26 August The Independent. Independent Print Limited. Retrieved 20 April Retrieved 21 June Retrieved 31 October Retrieved 20 June Retrieved 25 November Retrieved 18 June Retrieved 6 April Archived from the original on 2 February Retrieved 22 February Retrieved 25 April Retrieved 4 November Retrieved 16 October Australia's Music Charts Retrieved 18 October Retrieved 17 October Retrieved 30 December Harvey Lisberg.

Retrieved 16 June London: Guinness World Records Limited. Retrieved 11 October Retrieved 30 July Retrieved 19 July Retrieved 16 September Retrieved 10 April Retrieved 28 January It was re-recorded inwith Ariel Bender on guitar, for the subsequent The Hoople album, with de Paul speaking the same part.

Most available recordings of this version have a strange unintended distortion on her vocal, which was fixed on later reissues [ citation needed ]. Guinness Rockopedia 1st ed. The Tiddukla album is raw and hypnotic and sees Hassan and his group channeling the deep and contemplative sounds of classic Amazigh groups such as Izenzaren, Archach, Izmaz, all of whom risked their freedom by daring to sing in Tachelhit at a time when the language was still forbidden, and when Amazigh people were fighting for their rights to be recognized.

Highly sought-after British jazz-rock with some vocals thrown in by Norma Winstone. Love Songs was recorded at Tangerine Studios,and it is so refreshing, choral and utterly distinctive with a staggeringly good group LP) musicians led by Westbrook and Surman. A mix of the melodic and the wistful, backed by a groovy beat, reissue now available for this classic masterpiece.

No one got that first one — the first Flash Dance - Love Theme - Unknown Artist - Flash (Vinyl I walked onstage at Carnegie Hall, blowing my own year-old mind…This one — Carnegie Hall, December 4th,is very special to me.

Performed and recorded over three nights in front of a sold-out crowd at The World Famous Theater in Harlem, NY December 4th — 6th,this album brings the electrifying performances that helped put Daptone on the map directly to your living room! This album is lovingly dedicated to the memory of our dear friends Sharon, Charles, Naomi, and Cliff. Listen and decide for yourselves. And yet another week of late shipments…. Ecstatic, West Mineral, etc. The Russian producer Vladimir Karpov is well on his way towards a lasting legacy as a modern synthesizer wizard in the grandiose vein of Vangelis and Jarre.

With a propensity for concept albums he has built a sturdy discography during this past decade that echoes the progressive ideas of the psychedelic generation as it moved into adulthood with Moog in hand. While the esoteric fantasies of previous works linger on, the conceptual aspect of Anciente is rendered more abstract. And instead of dividing ideas LP) tracks that form an album, here Karpov is pushing the boundaries of his compositions further into longer forms.

Like trails into humid forest landscapes, they run deep enough for one to get lost along the way. Clocking in at a neat 20 minutes per side, the two tracks that make up Anciente weaves soft brushes of undefinable sounds and tropical field recordings that almost create ASMR-inducing vibrations in the minds of the listener. Eventually they might open a doorway to a twilight-lit wilderness and the possible secrets of the first civilised men. Or, as in this case, the door to the ancient. The results ponder an impressionistic, romantically ambiguous simulacra of reel life worries and anxiety, feeling at once dense and impending yet without centre.

Abul Mogard: In Immobile Air Ecstatic LP Master of harmonic empathy Abul Mogard makes an ever welcome return to Ecstatic with a suite of patented pathos for testing times, mostly generated from an old Bechstein upright piano built in As such, it can be read as a suite of instrumental hymns for a world coming to terms with its current condition and state of static unrest, evoking a stillness of air in its glacial movements while reflecting a gnawing sense of something impending.

Using analog and digital equipment, he transforms the melancholic simplicity of his melodies into a quietly dreamlike space. Taylor and her bandmates — guitarist Dec Martens, bassist Gus Romer, and drummer Bryce Wilson — wrote Comfort To Me during the pandemic while quarantining in the same house together, spending more time refining the songs than they had previously.

The amount of time and thought I put into the lyrics for this album is completely different from the EPs, and even the first record. Half of the lyrics were written during the Australian bushfire season, when we were already wearing masks to protect ourselves from the smoke in the air.

And then when the pandemic hit, our options were the same as everyone: go find a day job and work in intense conditions or sit at home and drown in introspection.

I fell into the latter category. My brain evolved and warped and my way of thinking about the world completely changed. I was like an egg going into boiling water when this started, gooey and weak but with a hard surface.

I came out even harder. Walter Bishop Jr. Keyboardist Walter Bishop, Jr. But a mere two years later, Bishop, Jr. All in remastered sound with liner notes by Pat Thomas. First-ever vinyl reissue of a long-lost classic, also available in an orange with black swirl vinyl edition limited to copies and exclusive to independent record stores! Oscillating piquant shocks of vibrant energy with steeply opiated hypnagogia and OOBE-like sensations, the results locate a mind in flux, torn between the need to flex hyper-articulated limbs and becoming lost in discretely introspective ambient interzones.

The eight tracks course from a sort of kaotic power ambient energy to a lushly unresolved daydream serenity through alternately convulsive and temple-smushing turns. With little to go on, they decided to add their joint female voices and experiences to the rural sound ecology and culture of East Anglia, and created something un-arguably unique in the process. But what happens in between is just a spellbinding sort of magick, using Raveningham Church as a sounding chamber for their finely controlled but naturally keening and graceful, unhurried expressions of tradition and folklore.

Though the singer had retired his billion streaming Chet Faker project four years prior, the new songs he was working on in his New York City studio had an energy reminiscent of his earlier work. The result is Hotel Surrender, a radiant track LP full of swaggering bass lines and electrifying melodies that reintroduces Chet Faker to the world — and to Murphy himself. He admits that before Hotel Surrender, he had never approached his process with such ease.

This time, as the album title suggests, he surrendered to the music. I was also just being kind to myself. None of this music was hurting, it just felt good. It made me feel better, and it helped me be better. Recorded and slated for an early release, and paused while COVID raged, this collaboration of masked men is finally finding its way to you on all formats.

Boogie Brazil Funk. Jazz Latin Rare Groove. Jazz Modal Soul-Jazz. Africa Jazz. Blues Japan Jazz. Next Week. Disco Funk Jazz-Funk. Boogie Funk Rare Groove Soul. Cape Jazz Jazz-Funk. Sold Out. Disco Funk Rare Groove. Deep House. Disco Edits Funk. Boogie Funk Soul. Fusion Jazz-Funk. Africa Broken Beat. Broken Beat House Jazzdance. Downtempo Electronic Library. Broken Beat Jazz Soul-Jazz. Downtempo Electronic Synth. Depiction of the pharmacopeia of the era. People were increasingly becoming interested in OSTs and library tracks at the end of the 90s with lots of bootlegs and a few licensed comps floating around.

We were part of this cull along with other DJs like Ross Allen and Dr Bob Jones and it came out of the blue, one week we were on, the next we had one show left.

Seeing the puzzled look on my face, she realised her faux pas and explained that the station had axed all but two of their late night specialist music shows in favour of a more talk based radio station. We had a midnight until 2am slot on a Monday night which suited us fine, no playlist, minimal fuss or bother from the powers that be and a proper studio to broadcast from.

The big drawback was that the studio was more geared to CDJing than turntable mixing and the decks there were more of an afterthought than an integral part of the set up. Out went the live mixing and in came the pre-prepared, home studio mixed sets, something that did no end of good for the quality control threshold but which sounds odd at times when listening back as we had to leave instrumental gaps for talking and tracklists in the selection.

Another revelation was no adverts other than the occasional station sting for an upcoming event or show — yes! The BBC had a full online streaming web presence too so we were beamed live worldwide and, on occasion, we got calls from overseas for the competitions, including one from New Zealand! I must apologise firstly for the cheesiness of some of the tracks a worrying amount of Queen but mostly for the tuning on some of the mixes — oh my ears!

This recording is the original studio mix without talking, not the live broadcast with the ridiculous competitions, shout outs and studio banter. After this but not included here Matt turned in a storming old school ultimate breaks and beats cut up using the Street Beat compilations in Ableton Live. Julian Hand has done visuals for The Oscillation for years, mostly via projections, oil LP) shows and promo videos.

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