Eve - The Roots - Dilla Joints (File, MP3)

On his sheet! This is a school that had a mass murderer with a shotgun gunning down people—this guy has got a conviction for weapons, and you say he's appropriate? Come on! About two weeks later, Nas was interviewed by Shaheem Reid of MTV News, where he criticised O'Reilly, calling him uncivilized and willing to go to extremes for publicity. He doesn't understand the younger generation.

He deals with the past. The people he represents are Republican, older, a generation that has nothing to do with the reality of what's happening now with my generation. He's not really on my radar. People like him are supposed to be taught and people like me are supposed to let niggas like him know. I don't take him serious. His shit is all about getting facts twisted or whatever. I wouldn't honor anything Bill O'Reilly has to say. It just shows you what bloodsuckers like him do: They abuse something like the Virginia Tech tragedy for show ratings.

You can't talk to a person like that. At the Grammy Awards, Nas confirmed he was collaborating on an album with reggae singer Damian Marley which was expected to be released in late Nas said of the collaboration in an interview 'I was a big fan of his father and of course all the children, all the offspring, and Damian, I kind of looked at Damian as a rap guy. His stuff is not really singing, or if he does, it comes off more hard, like on some street shit.

I always liked how reggae and hip-hop have always been intertwined and always kind of pushed each other, I always liked the connection. I'd worked with people before from the reggae world but when I worked with Damian, the whole workout was perfect'.

After announcing a possible release in[68] a follow-up compilation to The Lost Tapes was delayed indefinitely due to issues between him and Def Jam.

D, and released on July 13, Nas called the album a 'magic moment' in his rap career. We'd talked about it and we had a good idea to call it Nas. That was actually going to be a mixtape at one point.

But we decided that we should make it an album. In JanuaryNas announced he had begun working on his twelfth studio album, which would be his final album for Def Jam. On April 16,on the twentieth anniversary of Illmatic[78] the documentary Nas: Time Is Illmatic was premiered which recounted circumstances leading up to Nas's debut album.

They released the track 'I Am Somebody' in May Nas was announced as one of the executive producers of the Netflix original series, The Get Downprior to its release in August He narrated the series and rapped as adult Ezekiel of He also appeared on DJ Khaled's album Major Keyon a track simply titled 'Nas Album Done', suggesting an upcoming album was not only completed, but also was imminent.

In JuneNas appeared in the award-winning documentary The American Epic Sessions directed by Bernard MacMahon, where he recorded live direct-to-disc on the restored first electrical sound recording system from the s. In AprilKanye West announced on Twitter that Nas' twelfth' studio album will be released MP3) June 15, also serving as executive producer for the album.

Following the release of NasirNas confirmed he would return to completing a previous album, including production from Swizz Beatz and RZA. Nas has been praised for his ability to create a 'devastating match between lyrics and production' by journalist Peter Shapiro, as well as creating a 'potent evocation of life on the street', and he has even been compared to Rakim for his lyrical technique.

Nas created a style of rapping that was more conversational than ever before'. OC of D. Initially friends, Nas and Jay Z had met a number of times in the s with no animosity between the two. Jay Z requested that Nas appear on his album Reasonable Doubt on the track ' Bring it On '; however, Nas never showed up to the studio and was not included on the album.

The two traded subliminal responses for the next couple of years, until the beef was escalated further in after Jay Z publicly addressed Nas at the Summer Jam, performing what would go on to be known as Takeoverending the performance by saying 'ask Nas, he don't want it with Hov'.

After Jay Z eventually released the song on his album The Blueprint, Nas responded with the song Ether, from his album Stillmatic, with both fans and critics saying that the song had effectively saved Nas' career and marked his return to prominence, and almost unanimously agreeing Nas had won their feud.

In the song, Jay Z makes reference to Nas' girlfriend and daughter, going into graphic detail about having an affair with his girlfriend.

The feud was officially bought to an end inwhen Jay Z and Nas performed on stage together in a surprise concert also featuring P Diddy, Kanye West and Beanie Sigel. After Nas was kicked off of the Summer Jam lineup due to allegedly planning to perform the song Ether while a mock lynching of a Jay Z doll took place behind him, Cam'ron was announced as a last minute replacement and headlined the show instead.

Nas appeared on Power Nas did not respond directly but appeared on the radio days later, calling Cam'ron a dummy for supposedly being used by Hot 97 to generate ratings. Cam'ron and the rest of The Diplomats, specifically Jim Jones continued to attack Nas throughouton numerous mixtapes, albums and radio freestyles, however, the feud between the two slowly died down and they eventually reconciled in After 2Pac interpreted lines directed to the Notorious B.

Nas himself later admitted he was bought to tears when he heard the diss because he idolised 2Pac. Since his death, Nas has praised Shakur for being 'one of a kind'. After Nas proclaimed 'Hip Hop was dead' on his song of the same name and blamed southern Hip Hop as the cause, many artists from the South took offence, including Nas' then-Def Jam labelmate Young Jeezy, who claimed Nas had 'no street credibility' and vowed to sell more copies of MP3) album The Inspiration than Nas' upcoming Hip Hop Is Dead album.

After failing to do so, Jeezy took back his disses towards Nas, and the two later collaborated on the hit single My President. On April 10,Nas invested an undisclosed six-figure sum into Mass Appeal Magazine, where he went on to serve as the publication's associate publisher, joined by creative firm Decon and White Owl Capital Partners.

But it is an album full of banging beats from Dr. Slaughterhouse — Slaughterhosue This album was an exercise in lyricism and punchlines, nothing more, nothing less. Wanna Snuggle? Foundation — M. I am eagerly anticipating his next album after hearing Boy Meets World. He released the album when he was only years-old and tackles a lot of grown man topics for someone so young. The production is handled entirely by Exile, which is a great thing as it provides a consistent sound for Fashawn to rhyme over.

Blueprint 3 — Jay-Z I considered putting this No. Then I was going to move it to No. But I think No. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. A few of them are among the greatest of all-time. I like this album a lot. Us — Brother Ali This was one of the toughest years for picking a No.

Every song has substance and meaning. The first voice you hear on the album is Chuck D. Having one of my favorite MCs of all-time kick off the album of one of my favorite newer MCs was like getting a free lager to go with your steak dinner. Ali then robs the apartment and sells their drugs and guns and pockets the cash he found. Album of the year became a lot easier to pick after going back and listening to all these excellent stories that Ali brought to life.

Tuesday, October 18, Song of the Day. Big K. For one, it's a new Roots track, so that already had me souped. Then you add a verse from K. Damn, this song is so ill. Really mellow, laid back track filled with lyrical darts from K. Interesting choice for a first single, as it doesn't have commercial appeal which is just fine with me! But with the Roots exposure now this may still get some radio spins and rightfully so. The world needs to hear real music like this.

Can't wait for the new album, undun. It's going to be a concept album and? I can get on board with that. Album is slated to drop December 6. Monday, October 17, Song of the Day. Ghostface Killah feat. But after going back and listening again I realized how fresh this track is. The beat has a '70's style sound with some futuristic funk shit going on.

Ghost is a beast of course and then Busta drops in for the third verse in fine fashion. He ain't going mph like he has on everything lately, but it's still dope lyricism. Wednesday, October 12, Song of the Day. What's My Name? He's one of the best personalities in entertainment. He's MP3) bigger than his music at this point in his career, but damn, when he first came up he was one of the best MCs out. Old Snoop on the mic can't be compared, duplicated, replicated, etc.

When this single dropped I went nuts. G-Funk was alive and well. Great video, great song and remember, this came out at a time when Snoop was super shy in front of a camera. If you ever saw his early Yo! MTV Raps interviews, Snoop could hardly even look at the camera and mumbled all his answers. Now he's a global icon! Tuesday, October 11, New Release Tuesday. Not much dropping today, but it's not always quantity as much as it is quality.

I: The Transformation. So what does this mean? Murs is one of my favorite MCs in the game and while Ski Beatz may not be 9th Wonder, he still has a quality sound and gives Murs some laid back grooves to rhyme over. Monday, October 10, Song of the Day. Nas - "I Can" Popped on one of my playlists at random this morning and this song came on. I remember the first time I heard it and thought, "Damn, this is gonna be one of those songs that last forever.

The kids singing on the chorus puts the icing on the cake. Just an outstanding, thought provoking and uplifting song from one of the greatest MCs to ever do it. Sunday, October 9, Song of the Day. Fashawn feat. Truthfully, I just got my hands on this album and I'm so happy I did. Better late than never. So dope. I was ready to finish my Best of '09 list, but had to alter it after getting this disc.

That list will be ready soon, but in the meantime do yourself a favor and pick up this album. Oh and not only does this song have a really dope Billy Paul sample and a banging beat from Exile who produced the whole albumbut it also has a guest verse from Blu.

How can you go wrong? Friday, October 7, Song of the Day. I decided to take an alternate route because of traffic and ended up taking twice as long to get home, but at least I had my iPod and got to enjoy this gem again. Easily one of Lupe's best songs. And equally appropriate following tonight's Phillies loss, cause that shit definitely hurt my soul. Had to go back to this song to start turning my night around, well, as best as possible.

Wednesday, October 5, Song of the Day. Eminem - "Just Don't Give A Fuck" I had my Hip-Hop Collection playlist on today on my way to work and was thinking about the day ahead as my music played in the background. Then the beginning of this track came on and I cranked up the volume immediately. I remember getting the cassette single of this song with "Brain Damage" as the b-side back in After seeing Eminem featured in MP3) Source 's Unsigned Hype column I was really anxious to hear his music and didn't hesitate when I saw the single for sale.

It's amazing what has happened with Em's career since that point. He gives a shout out to The Outsidaz on this track, that shows you how early into his career he was. I love the lyrics on this track, I loved the way Em attacked the track, his punchlines were terrific and he definitely showed he had a gift on the mic. This was the launching pad for one of my top 5 favorite hip-hop artists of all time. Tuesday, October 4, New Release Tuesday. Not a whole lot dropping today, as opposed to last week's onslaught of new music.

We do have a few decent selections including the A3C Vol. I had heard a few things about the A3C album, but didn't realize it was a double disc. Then I looked at the tracklist and was very impressed with the list of artists on the album. Compilations don't always receive the best efforts from the artists but there are a lot of newer, hungrier artists on this disc that may be out to make a name for themselves.

Monday, October 3, Song of the Day. Kendrick Lamar feat. Sorry about that. Just moved and had a ton of shit to do. Anyway, I was on my way to work today and this track came on the iPod and just grabbed me. I only listened to Section 80 once because I got it along with about five other albums at the same time and had so much music to get through.

I need to go back and listen to it again. This song is incredible. Great hip-hop, great spoken word, and some amazing jazz production.

The trumpet solo at the end of the song is tremendous. The lyrics are thoughtful and insightful. It's really mature music for a year-old to be making.

And it's outstanding from start to finish. Friday, September 30, Song of the Day. Random Axe feat. But the real highlight is the video following a day in the life of Chewbacca, including a trip to the Rock The Bells concert. Chewy is doin' it up big time!

One of my favorite videos in a long time. So simple, yet so entertaining. Wednesday, September 28, Song of the Day. I just stumbled upon it and looked at the track list and went "DAMN! This is the title track and it's some head noddin' backpacker hip-hop.

Gotta cop this album quick! Tuesday, September 27, New Release Tuesday. What a big release day for hip-hop. Where do I begin? Monday, September 26, Song of the Day. I was pleasantly surprised. This is some street anthem, hardcore hip-hop right here. The beat sounds like something M. Meyhem shows he's got some talent on this track.

He won't change the game, but he's got some lyrics. Peep Action Bronson bouncing around in the video as well. Friday, September 23, Song of the Day. Raekwon feat. The song was on Rae's Shaolin vs. Wu-Tangwhich dropped in March of this year, but it definitely has that old Wu feel to it. Meth was a beast on MP3) appearances on this disc. Kenny Dope with the production on this one and it's a banger. We have a serious Album of the Year contender on our hands. Monday, September 19, Song of the Day.

I was so impressed with the mixtape, as XV has some great pop culture references and one liners and show's he can put a complete song together. This track is produced from Just Blaze and is an homage to his home town, which does not have a history for producing big name hip-hop acts.

I love the Anchorman reference about Sex Panther. The song sounds like it's winding down at about the mark, but then Just brings the beat back in for XV to wax nostalgic over. Really excellent effort. I'm gonna listen to this mixtape when I'm on my flight tomorrow.

See y'all in a few days! Sunday, September 18, Song of the Day. They bring an old school vintage sound, with feel good rhymes and it's clear that they have a lot of fun making music. This track is off their Fresh Mode EP released in I'm so glad I took a chance on it, because I've enjoyed UD's music for years since.

Fresh Mode was the perfect title for the EP and this song is a great introduction for those of you who haven't heard their music before. Saturday, September 17, Song of the Day. Slimm "Cutta" Calhoun feat. I love this track. Slimm Calhoun brings a vintage Dungeon Family track and gets a big nod from Andre for the third verse.

So smooth and a lot of fun to crank up in the car. With albums from the likes of T. The underground also had a lot to show with excellent releases from Murs, Atmosphere, Reks and Jake One. Also, Eve - The Roots - Dilla Joints (File was an auto-tune album from Kanye West, that will not be on the list as it contained very little rapping. Definitely his worst effort in a storied career, but enjoyable none the less.

Pharoahe absolutely rips this track apart. DJ Premier also contributes the cuts for the track, with his signature samples. Dope underground hip-hop. The collaboration with Kanye was my favorite as both MCs trade humorous barbs about sex. If you love Southern hip-hop, this is a dream collaboration. This song grabbed my attention the first time I heard it and has held it ever since.

There are lots of solid tracks on Renaissancebut I remember hearing the album for the first time and this song really sticking out. This is textbook Q-Tip on the mic. But this song right here is ridiculous! From a production standpoint, some of it sounds a little too formulaic. The beat is perfect, the hook is on point and Mike absolutely slays it on the mic. Reks speaks on the state of hip-hop and spits some angry lines.

He actually discusses the takeover of the South which struck a chord with me and is exactly what I was talking about in the intro to this column. All three MCs bring it on this one over a funky beat. Andre goes in for almost 2 minutes, spitting real line after real line. Ludacris is hungry as hell on this one, just ripping the mic apart. Dude is straight fire. If this track is any indication, that album is probably straight fire as well.

Looks like it's gon be a while before Al returns to the boards. Cop that shit! Anyway in this new age of 'Retiring Rappers' Mr.

Mathers gets his Jay-Z on, and claims to have made an exit from the game. Details of Em's Retirement. Now you know what retirement means, don't you. Even their sex issue is adulterated, filled with tributes to their most dick-ridden celebs with who else but Jay-Z on top of the list. The article on rappers running their mouth was interesting at first until I scanned through the entire page only to find out that they carefully left out 50's snitch-status.

I always thought Pastor Betha would have had a more solid reputation by remaining just that Pastor Mason Betha. Now he's back polluting the airwaves with his disgusting raps again. But that's not the news His best career move would be to fire his advisors. Following the footsteps of Nas' baby mama Carmen who detailed her past affairs in a book including her sex-life with both Jay-Z and God's SonKool G. Rap's ex-wife and much-publicized professional groupie Karrine Steffans unveils the naked truth about the celebrities whose slut- list she's graced in the past.

Excerpts from her book, Confessions of a Video Vixen Eve's Sex Tape : Speaking of sex-made-public, Aftermath's first lady Eve is the latest celebrity hit with the string of sex tape expose. If you're an avid internet fan, you might have come across the video which shows Eve and ex-boyfriend Stevie J making use of a sex toy. Don't bother searching for the full tape on limewire, it's only 19 seconds long.

Eve's video is nothing compared to Paris Hilton's but with the rampant release of these porno tapes, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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