Dont Jump Me, Mother

Comment by BigEd I picked one up from a raging owlbeast in Winterspring. I guess I'll hang on to it for a few levels. Comment by Curious choice between the two DPS cloaks. Does anybody have any advice about which cloak to pick as a fury warrior?

The stats are very similar: the edge in hit rating on the delicate green poncho might not make up for the improved stamina and potential for pally Strength buff that the nomad's woven cloak boasts. Comment by ahem best and fastest way get a friend lv 70 with flying mount Comment by Ok, now I found the best way to do this one.

Get the floating buff, ride your epic mount to the top of the hill if you have any speed trinkets use them. Now line up with the nest, run and jump "Over" the nest. When you are Over the nest right click on the floating spell canceling it to drop right on the nest.

I tried the other ways and did not have any luck. Comment by Travy Just solo'd this on a level 64 afflicton warlock. I used the line your head up with the tree and keep the camera above you method to get into the tree, and it worked the first try. I had to open the eggs twice to get the mob to spawn though. After that, it was simply a matter of keeping dots and fear up. She hits like a truck though, so be careful :P. Comment by tyrell I found it very easy as a 65 feral druid.

Follow Xenotropic guide on getting up on the nest. As for taking on the big 66 elite bird here is how i did it. Start off attacking in bear form. Hot yourself up get yourself back up to full and do that again.

Just keep doing this process and you should win sooner or later. Couple problems i ran into. I went OOM even after i poped innervate so what i did was i just kept entangling root on it and just did 1 lifebloom at a time tell i was toped then waited tell i had enough mana to go back into bear.

So if you have a mana pot i strongly suggest you bring it with you. Comment by this quest sucks whit rouge safe fall. Comment by To land on the platform position yourself in the center of the "Jump-a-tron" and activate it while your looking into the ground. When you find yourself right over the platform, cancel the jump-a-tron buff and fall down.

Note that if you don't hit the platform and fall to the ground you might want to bandage up before trying again. Comment by as of patch 2.

Comment by I didn't know what do to really. I did just keep flying over it. But then i tried to turn of the buff that makes you "slide" down slowly. First time i missed and died. Comment by reneakazyx A fun thing to do after the quest is done, get the slow fall buff, and hearth to shat and jump of the elevator from either the aldor of scryers and and see what people think when they think you are falling to your death, but in fact safe.

Comment by Cords: Comment by one thing i thought i would mention, since i didnt see anyone else post anything other than how hard she was to kill, is that she is an elite, a 66 elite to be exact, so, take a friend along, it wont hurt : and it took me the better part of 50 times to do the jumpatron. Comment by Easily solo-able as a 65 Warlock.

Just keep it afraid and Mother the run. Eventually you can wear it down with your demon and DOT spells. Good idea to have a mana potion and a healthstone but I didn't need either. Comment by GoonerW Also, the "Matriarch" in the name kinda gives it away. Comment by easy for any drood - this elite is not immune to hibernate! Comment by I tried about 5 times to land into the nest by idd clicking away the slow fall at the right time.

Then take the egg and wait a little while for the big bird to appear. I soloed it with my level 64 moonkin. Roots for the win. Comment by Soloed as Lvl 65 Balance Druid. You can use Roots on the bird so all you have to do is cast roots, run a lil bit and cast starfires.

Comment by Firstly, that guide by illumnat is perfect. Use it. I solo'd this as a newly-leveled 66 balance druid. Lots of roots, lots of heals, and lots of backing away and using starfire. Wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Comment by Really easy on my Druid. I hopped down, got my treants on it and kept it rooted. While rooted I starfired, and rooted again. Really easy to solo as boomkin.

Comment by All the frustration and the dying and the ganking I peeping hate this quest. Don't forget to unequip, it will save you quite some money. The stupid thing is, I got it at the second try.

But then some Alliance player killed 'my' bird. Comment by Quest is for both sides, Aliance and Horde. Comment by Tantan this quest has more comments than sargeras and illidan npcs put together. Comment by Horo I tried this a number of times and found it almost impossible. However when I equipped the Carrot on a Stick it worked the first time. Thanks for the suggestion! Comment by OMG that was so helpful the Guide i tryed to do that quest on mi main when he was lv 66 and i could not do it!

Comment by mojojojo I soloed this as a 69 disc priest Comment by ramen Pretty easy to solo with a death knight. Kite her along the road while heading toward Garadar. Send your ghoul to attack, once you get a few thousand points of damage on her and she should be dead when you start nearing Garadar. Comment by It's worth noting that level 70s with appropriate skill can just fly up to the nest.

The bird has no ranged attacks, so frozen attacks followed by range attacks work, or you could kite. Comment by soloed as a 68 mage. Comment by veroicone While doing this quest I got the achievement "Going Down? Comment by I soloed this very easy on my 67 Blood DK, just keep your diseases up and use Death Strike to heal up. Comment by darthveda Hands down this is the worst quest in the game. Possibly shared with the Morrowgrain one. Comment by Edeta Soloable as 65 hunter :.

Comment by Haelstrom I had a lot of fun with this quest as a 65 decently geared Assassination Rogue. Wasn't sure if it was solo'able or notso I head over there. So I break the egg. DAMN that bird hits hard. And in my days leveling around Nagrand, not been a single Hordie my level doing this quest the whole time. Doubt I'll get to complete it before I'm ready to head to Northrend. I hate birds. Comment by fulloflove My way of completing this: Use the Jump-a-Tron. Land on the ground, without losing your floating buff.

To the left of the tree standing behind the trampoline facing the treethere's a hill. If you take your mount epic works, not sure if regular does up that hill, and jump towards the nest, you'll float down and when you're above it, remove the buff.

If it worked, you should've fallen in. If not, try again! Now, for the bird. I did this as an Unholy Death Knight, not too hard. It helps if you have Horn of Winter as well, for extra stats. Blood Strike when up, and Death Coil as well whenever possible. Re-disease when they fade, and keep using Death Strike.

Might take long depending on what your damage output is, but it shouldn't take long. Took me about a minute, tops. No potion or bandage was needed.

Probably didn't need a pet either, but it helps to have one to make it easier. You have to ask someone for help cause it isn't that easy. If you find dk's who say "Lol I can solo it" tell them to do so or help you.

Edit: Retalented to frost and tryied to kill the bird with my elemental and icy veins and again i only managed to reduce it's half life. If you are an 66 mage or less you can't solo it. Comment by DoYouDare The elite is easy to kill, just attack him, slow him, and keep the agro on you, dont let it flee. Comment by Note; as a 66 frost mage, I got it down to hp!

Agh this frustrates me. Anyways, this is an elite mob with around 33k hp. It can be frozen, trapped, etc. If you are a frost mage, just keep getting your pet to freeze it, and also freeze it yourself with frost nova.

When it is frozen, continue to cast spells, when it breaks, try to freeze again, etc. He hits pretty hard, around each time on a clothie. If you have a talent point in Deep Freeze, that should help a lot. A hunter should be able to solo this also. That helped a lot. Edit: Specified what level I was. Comment by ruke Just make sure you stand in the exact middle of the trampolin. Adjust your camera right above your toons head then use the tramp.

Remove slowfall when you are exactly on top of the nest - you'll make a perfect land. Comment by Solo'd on a 65 Healadin : just used 1 superior mana pot. Comment by I got 'Going Down? But another achievement is now mine :p Great tips on how to get in the nest by the way : Also, very frustrating, when I finally got on the bloody nest, I died due to the massive amount of damage I got. Comment by no problem 65 blood dk took me about 15 minutes to figure out how to jump up there its easiest if you jump from the middle of the pad, and cancel the slow fall buff while over the nest.

Comment by This Q totally bugged out on me as of 3. Comment by That Video is great! I think everyone who wants to complete the quest should watch it. Thanks Again for the Video! Comment by Tried this as a lvl 72 arcane mage, got her down to 6k HP repeatedly, still havent completed it.

Comment by Soloable with a level 66 Blood Death Knight. Used a scroll of Stamina which I had in my backpack. Got in the nest with the epic mount technique.

Opened the fight with diseases. Dancing Rune Weapon. Rune Tap Replace your diseases doubled by Rune Weapon. Death strikes to get your health up a bit. I have no idea how to solo him with Unholy or Frost Comment by Very easy soloable as a 65 arcane mage, first u get to the egg with the jump-a-tron and take the egg, once the bird comes just do slow and go around in a circle and spam arcane barrage, sometimes u can do frost nova and arcane blast to make things go faster. Comment by Xrystal The most retarded quest ever.

When you finally do and you get the Egg like the quest description says, you can't hand in the quest. Because you have to fight an elite bird not mentioned in the quest text.

Good luck finding a group for this in Outlands. Comment by Solo'd it as a 66 DK but did it slightly differently than Ascarion. I started the fight just like any other. Sometime during the beginning of the fight, get your CDs up. Comment by Another way to do this, if you have a flying mount, would be to just mount up and land in the nest. Casted Curse of Elements, Corruption, Immolate. Comment by soloable as a 64 blood DK, but man it was close, used gift of the naruu and one major healing potion.

As soon as you grab the egg jump down but wait until the bird appears to stealth or it will never come. I have Deadly Brew talent, so I started rupture kiting. There's only a small area you can go that will keep him from resetting, so be careful. What I would do is hit a rupture, and run around until I'm at full energy, then run in and 2x mutilate. Once kidney was back up I'd hit it with that and stay in a couple seconds and apply a new rupture and then run back out. If you need to, blind and bandage, combine it with a gouge and you can get in another quick kidney shot as he comes out of gouge.

He should be dead in cycles of ruptures once you have to start kiting, so it's not terribly bad. Comment by Damn thats one hard enemy! Comment by Perseo I found it easier just to get the buff that makes you fall safely, go up the mountain and jump towards the eggs, i did it at first try with my lvl 66 lock.

Soloed easily as he is fearable. Comment by Little tip for MOST classes: De-equip anything that can take durability damage before you start doing this. Once youre safely in the nest, re-equip. Comment by Heeris Soloed as a level 64 Prot Warrior in regular gear with much trouble.

For anyone trying to do this is a prot warrior, Mother way i did it was: - Pop Recklessness. Nothing else to do than to try again :. Comment by Noots Solo'd fairly easily as a 65 blood DK, had to use a health potion but other than that it's fairly do-able as a 65 DK. Comment by Danne Since 3. Expect the solo part wich some classes can have troubles with.

It was good while it lasted. Comment by Ellesmera With 3. But wheres the fun in that? Comment by Soloed as a lvl 65 elemental shaman.

Open with Lightning Bolt. When she comes into range, hit frost shock, start strafe kiting her hitting frost shock every time its up. Drop an earthbind totem if you have the talent which gives it a root effect.

Turn around and use chain lightning throw in a lightning bolt if the root have enough time left Let her come close enough for a Mother. Hit Chain Lightning again. Repeat until she's dead. Hope it helps someone. Comment by With 3. Still, if you've never done it before, I recommend going for the jump. It's pretty fun. Comment by coml take all ur gear off with out cape and shirt. Comment by I found and awesome and very easy way to do the quest.

Don't use the trampoline. Climb on top of the hill next to the tree. Mount up, you have to get the slow fall thing. As a pally i used crusader aura for higher speed. At the last moment remove the slow fall buff, when you are just above the nest. No health lost, and you are there. Even if you land on the ground without the slowfall you will recieve no damage. Easy as getting an egg from a tree. Comment by Katrica Appears this quests mob the bird is glitched.

You can attack it and after however long it feels like, it goes into glitched evade mode. Tried it twice so far clicking the egg and waiting for the bird to arrive and still won't work. Comment by Dont Jump Me possible to use a flying mount to land into the nest. Saves a LOT of trouble, especially since Blizz lowered the level requirements for flying training. Comment by pojih wow, first time doing this quest with a flying mount people, get your mounts at 60, well worth it.

Comment by this was easy on my 65 pally soloed. Comment by enmar Soloable as a 67 Elemental Shaman You will not need Earth Elemental Totem or any major cooldowns although they will make things a lot easier. When it gets in range, Thunderstorm. Archived from the original on October 14, Retrieved October 14, Archived from the original on September 16, Archived from the original on May 8, Retrieved October 15, Teen Vogue.

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May 21, Retrieved August 16, Canada: "Canadian single certifications — Billie Eilsih — Lovely". Polish Society of the Phonographic Industry. Mexico: "Certificaciones" in Spanish. Recorded Music NZ. Retrieved June 22, If what you say is true, and I am truly open-minded about it, did Michael Jackson become the woman that we all knew he wanted to be? Sometimes things that are hard to believe are true unfortunately By the way that one about Elvis is old news obviously fake news! And research all info received to try an uncover the truths and the way I have determined them said truths.

Boy, are you fucking naive. And I mean fucking absolutely, full on sheep brain naive, How do you think the Crown, Vatican, HM Government, many many others get hold of billions and trillions? In this article you can read some of her own admissions that she had no right-relationship with her Creator.

Her piety and righteousness were a facade, a religion of her own efforts, an outward appearance of Godliness yet lacking the Power. If you believe that, I have some ocean front property in Arizona for you too. Have you watched the video of Pope Francis admitting he has deceived everyone? Shall I post the link for you? How do you know she was good and saintly?

God in Heaven knows who is a Saint, not the Catholic church, the Pope, or world leaders. I hear you, sounds outlandish. Even they acknowledge this. The Vatican was infiltrated by the Illuminati around Wake up, James. This is not Sunday school. You better do your homework! I used to believe that, too!

And Mother Teresa had no children. Wegen solchen blinden Leugnern haben unsere Politiker leichtes Spiel. Blind, blind blind. Read your Bible. Who deserves a bullet?

Did you just threaten to kill someone who disagrees with you because Mother Theresa is a piece of shit who trafficked kids and fyi SHE IS A HE- Why not use your brains asshole and go and look at all the court cases in india against her child abuse of orphans????? David really should shut down comment section. Does everyone talk this way in everyday life? Good grief. There are many reporting on this so we need to research it.

Anyone associated with pedophile Hillary Clinton well…. Mark my words and educate yourself. The male index finger is a bit longer than the middle finger.

Forgot to add that the large toe on a male is shorter than the second toe. Teresa did not have that. Her large toe was much longer. There is SO much more!!! Wake up. Do your own research, look at everything. Pray for the truth to come. OMG — you need to get your head out of the sand — you will soon realize you have been fed batshit by the government your entire life and we will soon have a glorious life in the upcoming Great Awakening.

Research it for yourself — life is not what we have lived all these decades but the best is yet to come. Is all you have to do is look at the research — you will soon see and ten you will believe!

I am following Ghost Ezra and Whiplash on telegram. Then down below were the 10 members of Q, 5 didnt surprise me, but the other 5 are all suppose to be dead. It was a shock to me, and I kept thinking, I hope this is true. Why else would their names be listed as part of the Q team. Your mother should have swallowed. Just because you have the intelligence of a rock. Look up the definition. So where did you get your information from about her being this sweet woman? Was it just an interview you had with her?

See the problem with blind weak people is u can fool them with BEAUTY bcus they only believe a flower cant be poisonous.

Mother Teresa Was a child sex trafficker. You think if she really cared about the ppl she was caring for they would have been laying on nasty floors receiving third world treatment?

She could have easily built clean and comfortable facilities. She could have asked for a facility to be donated and built and would have gotten it happily built. This stuff really sucks. And we know how you feel. Elvis is alive, his name is Pastor Bob Joyce.

Sometimes stories that seem to be crazy out of this world are actually true. Whatever it was that bunched up your panties and inadvertently drove you to this website had to be intentional either from a previous site you frequent that is equally worthy of a head examination or you sought out the info.

Dont Jump Me wishes- Elvis. Fuck you psychopath motherfucker. Unearth the truth because you obviously buy the narrative hook, line, and sinker. And you subscribe to it with your wholesale dismissal of what can be researched behind the facade of lies, coverups, and obfuscation of reality. Keep watching propaganda MSM.

One day you will wake up, and then boing! What part? It would seem that way. However the Catholic Church has been the hotbed of evil power hungry corruption throughout the ages.

That is NOT a conspiracy theory either. Actually you wrong. This is what she was. She was actually very cruel to children. The name just slipped my mind but look it up on line. These evils are usually the ones you least expect. I assume that you are a fan of truth, right?

Most of the media lies to cover up the crime of the elite and it has never been different in at least more than 60years. Does that seem like a surprised to you? Well to me too. Look at where the money goes and you will realize that over 50 percent of people you see in the public arena, especially where there is lots of money involved, including mainstream media heads are all involved in pedohile rings.

Hard to believe. But given the people involved and the state of the world, who knows what is true and what is a lie anymore. My life continues. I it is horrible to have to admit it but there is so much evidence!! I was raised catholic and always taught what a saint this women was. It is not just her but the entire catholic church.

Truth is stranger than fiction. The cornatoad Fauci can only be the offspring of such a human abomination as mother teresa. My personal opinion is that the Catholic church is not really a Christian Institution. Yet the church has idols after idols from the moment you walk into the church. The people confess their sins to the priest. Yet, the only one who can forgive sins is Jesus. So yes, I believe the Catholic Church is very involved in Child trafficking. It is a false church misleading many in doctrine so once you go that deep, anything goes.

Plus children have spoken about the abuse. Did anyone hear them, or still a coverup? I am a born and raised Catholic and have never been in favour of confession! I was raised in the church as well born in 85 and have been a massive sinner in life.

I do believe 1 John …. It says confess them one to another so you can be healed, but confessing them sincerely to God is the exact same thing. It is about our sincerity and it is no one elses business at all what are sins are people love to use it as power over others. Jesus is actually very kind and understanding towards sinners. It was the liars, extortionists, hypocrites, backstabbers, and proud that he did not like.

You are so correct. Churches will never make you religious, only you can make yourself religious. God is our maker and our only way into the kingdom of heaven. Bless all that can understand how to follow his rules.

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