About You - Shape Shifter (8) - Guillaume Soloacoustic (CDr, Album)

Mainly using his own voice, and inserting some archives, Daniel Martin-Borret unfolds in a dialogue with sounds from shooting specially made. Cinema and music are never far away. The horrible reality is at good distance.

Art and life are in an inextricable collusion. Ce qui arrive responds to the call of Robert Kramer and develops the hypothesis that for all of us in these times of distress, hope is always of a « starting place » and a new voice. WebSYNradio brings together novel propositions from artists or intellectuals that are for the most part well-established on the international scene.

Felix Blume - Los Gritos de Mexico. Mexico City: more than 20 millions people gathered making noise! A noisy city for most; I would like to transform it in a sonorous city. The street sellers make the voices of the polyphonic choir, the small bell from the ice cream seller substitutes the triangle from the orchestra, and the hammering of the protesters on the metallic wall are the percussions.

People shout in church, they pray together or alone, whispering in the silent night. The thunder booms: nobody can shout at the storm, and the rain cleans the silent city. A solo voice after the rain, and the choir resumes gradually. The water flows under the city, the forgotten lake is mourning; it remembers when the city was an Island… On the top, it is too noisy, underneath, the water keeps in silence the secrets of the past.

Most of the people in the world live in cities. The daily soundscape is in most of the case a continuous sound of traffic, close or distant. Mexico City has a series of sounds added to the background which make the specificity of the city: the cries and sounds of the street sellers are in most part responsible.

In Mexico City, this tradition has persisted until today, but the government and general opinion is not in favour of them: street sellers are each time further away from the touristic center, advertising campaigns are done to make them disappear from the subway, and police operations block their access to the streets. I would like to pay tribute to these Criers through a soundscape of Mexico City, that will become a sonorous memory of a time that sooner than later will disappear.

He has mainly worked as a sound engineer for independent documentaries and with some video-artists. He spends his time between Europe and Mexico and travels About You - Shape Shifter (8) - Guillaume Soloacoustic (CDr the world for his shootings. He records sounds during his trips and shares them on the internet, mostly on Freesound and Soundcloud. David Roeder - Chitlin etc.

As the tone of the narration evolvesfrom sober reflection to esotericism and slight paranoia, it turns out the disparate threads of thought have only been further entangled, leaving both listener and narrator in a state of unsatisfied disorientation.

This state, however, is hopefully akin to the one induced by the musical phenomena addressed within the text. My interest in low-fidelity recording, amateurism and sonic peripheries has been growing ever since, a constant investment time, money, words which I am not sure will ever pay off.

However, it has proved a rewarding subject for investigation i. The four episodes of Uncle Vanya In Dub each last fifteen minutes was originally submitted as part of my M. Litt in Dramaturgy and achieved the highest possible grade A1. Using a found recording of Chekhov's play of poor qualityit ranges across the various ways of interpreting it, including Act II's mediation on comedy and IV's look at its spirituality. I am a writer who works in both audio and written forms, with the intention of developing new ways to approach critical responses to art.

I have a weekly show on Subcity Radio the vile radio hour and a blog, as well as being theatre editor for The List and a leader of various programmes for new and young critics. Birds, insects and gold fever: welcome to Gran Sabana. A vivid landscape betweeen savanah and the Amazonian forest in Venezuela, near the Brazilian border. Noisy animals and a few men, digging the earth for very little gold that they will later be spent on cock fights. Elegy for a Power Station was created using my Hellitron tone generators and a radio.

Its the soundtrack to a film I've made based on found super 8 footage of the last days of Northampton power station in Ian Helliwell works in music, film, animation, analogue electronics, instrument building, collage, installations, light show projection, live performance and film programming.

In he completed his first feature length documentary film, Practical Electronica, looking at FC Judd and experimental tape recording, and his book Tape Leaders, an A-Z compendium of early British electronic music composers, is due for publication in This piece takes the recognisable self-help video format and cuts it with instructional youtube videos.

It is a piece that looks at the industry around people trying to be their best self and the people who are trying to give practical instructions while featuring themselves on youtube. I am from Toronto, Canada. I have a degree in Philosophy and am a freelance radio producer. Dreamlands 1 - GX Jupitter-Larsen. The same however can not be said of one's principles. In the dreamscape one's motives might change, but the fundamental convictions behind those self-contradictory actions can never alter.

The voices in this dream begin their journey as fragments scattered amidst the radio waves. These fragments slowly unfold into a stream of consciousness, till the end of this introspection, when the listener arises to the opportunity of fully understanding just what is actually being said. And, most importantly, by who. Does a dream of making the world a better place ever come close to a reality?

Or, is struggle, be it either social or physical, our only real proof of waking hours? GX Jupitter-Larsen b. Much of his work is a self-created lexicon consisting mainly of personalized units of measurement. A casual observer's literacy of this vernacular is optional. GX employs all misunderstandings as a calibration. Comparing a reinterpretation to the original intent gives him a deeper awareness of his own thought process.

By this means, there is no passive audience, only collaborators. Radiophrenia Shorts Night-time 1. Both stories and music are by myself. The texts are read by Cheryl Love. My paintings can be seen at jimcheff. Based on field recordings made in Cork, Ireland.

Mainly the sounds of people chatting in a pub and the bells of Shandon - the four faced liar, under the view of which my father was born and grew up. Inspired by childhood bedtimes when i used to lie under the covers after lights out with a hidden radio scanning the dials, jumping the bands, tuning into the static and the frequencies that came up between stations with snatches of broadcasts coming through.

Hopefully someone will be scanning the dials late at night in April and will come and get lost inside their radio. This year will be the 20th since i got my first recording device, a Tascam four track and began my journey and adventures in sound. Biog-wise, my name is Geoff Middleton. From Lincoln, UK, I trained in science, have worked in construction, computers, electronic design, FOH sound engineering and sound recording.

I was a member of the band 4, Telephones in the 80s under the name Jack Rabelais. As they approach what appears to be the frozen, southern polar landmass, they suddenly discover that their ship is no longer moving. They are immobilized by the pack ice, so they decide to sing songs while quickly finishing off the rum. In their stupor, the crew encounters one very smelly and dreadfully lost Ijiraq which causes them to vacate the boat and immediately become lost on the ice where they experience many strange sensations and illusions: an unsettling shift in gravity, rings around the sun, a very convincing fata morgana, and several frightening aural hallucinations, all of which confuse them further.

As they press forward to nowhere, the ice or permafrost begins to give way under their feet in a glorious thaw. Is the land melting away? Eventually the crew finds magnificent caverns filled with crystalline formations that seem to be connected to a giant electric ray transmitter.

What is this strange world? A mirage? A secret military installation? B Radio: a series of radio shows mashing b-list genres with radio art. Each B Radio episode features a theme to structure the improvisational nature of the shows, though tangents are frequent and encouraged. The core group of performers play live instruments and electronics, sample wildly, speculate broadly, and have been known to sing. Show are long form, generally between hours in length. NRRF is a collaborative effort to make unlicensed neighborhood radio art.

Artist: Mark Vernon Title: in 1. This radio programme allows us to eavesdrop as a father and his year-old son bond over a succession of increasingly fiddly electronic experiments - at the behest of the manual they connect wires, transistors, capacitors and diodes to create an array of weird and wonderful crackles, beeps, buzzes and other electronic noises. Harking back to the bygone days of the BBCs Radiophonic Workshop in feel, variations on these sounds form the basis of the musical score that underpins the piece, playfully oscillating between real and imaginary spaces.

As improbable as it seems, the outwardly dull schematics and diagrams open the doorway to a world of fun, exploration and the joy of discovery. There Will Come Soft Rains.

The production makes extensive use of the then new Vocoder, an electronic device for manipulating the human voice, and musicalising speech. The one unmodified voice in the production is that of the narrator, Garrard Green.

Dreamlands 8 - Anna Friz. Gaston Bachelard writes of the transformational potential of dreams and reverie. Dreams and psychic phenomena are marked by verticality, by rising and falling, as life cannot be lived horizontally. Bachelard posits an aerial imagination, with the potential for rising, ascent, and sublimation. The inevitable fall tends toward water, the subsequent ascent back into air, again and again.

I often have recurring dreams, where the scenography differs but the phenomena repeat: huge tidal waves pouring over a mountain, whales rising up in cavernous pools underground, or an experience of flying which is most like doing the breaststroke in the air.

The logic of dreams is immune to paradox, and effortlessly warps one scene into another. Two Sleeps offers two elements, air and water, and my nocturnal efforts at verticality, falling and rising. She also creates dynamic, atmospheric compositions for theatre, dance, film, and solo performance equally able to reflect upon public media culture or to reveal expressive interior landscapes.

Anna holds a Ph. Dreamlands 6 - Colin Black. As a result of this acclaim, Black has received multiple national and international commissions to create innovative long-form works for broadcast across major Australian and European networks.

More recently Black has taken up the position of casual academic lecturing at the University Technology, Sydney; and has to date authored a number of conference papers and peer reviewed journal articles. A two-way communication from the east coast of the USA to the north of Scotland. Fessenden and his associates achieve voice communication during the winter, over thousands of miles of ocean.

Influenced by Merzbow, the Haters, Negativland and other denizens of noise-art culture, Absolute Value of Noise takes sound to the extreme. The artist likes to work with "gadgetry" - custom turntables, lamp filaments, wire coils, high voltage ionizers, robots, feedback systems, magnetic transmitters and receivers - to create both intense collages and minimal sonic threads. Dave Allen - Near an open window.

The thirteen solo piano pieces were based on his interpretation of natural birdsong. Each deals with a specific bird, along with some other birds in the background that are found in the same area. Dave Allen lives and works in Stockholm. Radiophrenia Shorts 2 - Modulation. The piece is composed from a singular recorded sound source — the tinkle of a glass. The particular sound is high pitched with a short decay - extreme in pitch and time domain.

Stockhausen's Sounds lecture was the primary source of inspiration, with the two ideas of the sine wave being the fundamental waveform of all sounds and that a symphony can be compressed into one second.

I sought the inverse and extract a microsampled sound composition this short sound. Hence the focus was to extract various timbral textures and synthesising soundscapes from the source. The compositions are made up of sounds gathered using binaural mics, walking and discovering new urban environments in Beijing, and on a journey from North to Southern Vietnam.

Chance - Turn right and you meet the man or woman of your dreams. Turn left and you get hit by a car. Much of life is a matter of being in the right place at the right time, or the wrong place at the wrong time.

This impressionistic audio work explores randomness, chance, and luck through the microcosm of the racetrack. Created through an obsessive enjoyment of the show, all speech has been removed, leaving fragments of the background music and repetitive birdsong. An immigrant from Hong Kong to Britain examines her difficulty in remembering the voice of her deceased mother. First broadcast between the 5th April and the 14th September of Soon rampant profiteering compounded with incompetence created appalling living conditions for the residents of these fortress style barracks.

Benjamin draws directly from this text, and that of Avant Garde architect Adolf Behne, to educate us on the politics and pressures of urban living, as well as the importance of improving these conditions for future generations to come.

These days such buildings are purposively demolished, sometimes as spectacle. Earlier this year Glasgow City Council announced exceptional plans to reabsorb four blocks of tenements in Govanhill back into the social housing sector on the basis of overcrowding and poor living conditions. He is interested in the uses and reception of oratory and rhetoric in modern German culture and politics, and in modern German visual culture and media particularly Dada and photomontage.

Artist: Raydale Dower Title of work: Seven Daily Percolations - The daily recording of a coffee pot - from gas ignition to percolation - a reoccurring event that will feature at the same time each day.

This piece uses videos about how women can get men to like them and mixes it with the text to speech copies of the comment sections from these videos. Banshees is part of a growing experimental series of artworks created in a very short amount of time to explore spontaneous creative energy.

It is an ode to wilderness and its raw energy. When the rainy season comes, the young Fula leave for transhumance during six months with most of the herd. Cows cross the river Niger through the West. In the village, women work to feed their families, while men look after a couple of dairy cows. Fula people live simultaneously with their animals. It accompanies his everyday life with songs and prayers.

The legend tells God first created the cow and then Fula people to go along with the animal and to protect him. Artist: Frauhaus Title of work: Game assembly - The starting point for this work was the desire to explore and exploit the interactions which take place during the specific activity of assembling a complex board game. These fragments are placed within a music composition which enhances the tension while recalling sonic elements from the programme and suggested by the themes of the game.

We encountered it on our travel to the outer reaches of the galaxy. Unable to change our trajectory in time, we collided with it, but found that there was no impact since it had rearranged its molecules allowing us to pass through unscathed. As we passed through, we were able to record the sound.

Continuing our pass through Minotaur, we were surprised to hear what sounded like birds and a distant singing voice. We considered that this sound could have been relayed from a great distance, but we have not ruled out the possibility that certain frequencies could be interfering with our synaptic functions, causing auditory hallucinations. Artist: Claire Davies Title of work: Satellite Forecast - A daily sound poem of the overhead passing of satellites specific to the Glasgow area.

It narrates the story of one of the people who lost their lives with the shipwrecked of Lampedusa the night of the 3rd of October The voice of Aisha, calm and resigned is the one of her mind, her interior monologue.

Environmental sounds are extrapolated from real video documentation about the incident. I worked mostly with creative writing, time based installations, digital work and performances. I exhibit at a national and international level since Together we created NaN for the organisation of art events on water surface. In I was one of the selected artists for the European touring exhibition InandOutboard. Since my studio is based in Medway and I work across London and Kent.

Artists: Chris Kohler and Nicky Stewart. These plays build on a lecture given at Studio Jamming, a symposium at the Cooper Gallery this summer. Each episode is divided into a fifteen minute lecture followed by a fifteen minute conversation between the two About You - Shape Shifter (8) - Guillaume Soloacoustic (CDr artists involved wherein they critique and reassess their project.

The project Acta is an ongoing collaboration between Chris Kohler and Nicky Stewart which aims to experiment with different avenues of publishing and distribution. After a little more investigation, I found this post on a forum:. Das ist eine gute Sache, denn dann geht er nicht so oft in den Keller zum Bier trinken hi.

The play will be made up of a mix of narrated text spoken by myself and SSTV sound signals and images. As her relationship with OM Theo fades, she whiles her time away communicating with ham radio antenna she finds erected throughout the city.

The piece is a combination of fiction and reality. Catriona Shaw is a Scottish artist and musician who grew up on the Orkney Islands and is now based in Berlin. Radiophrenia Shorts 9 - Crystal. An acousmatic music work focused on sounds hybridisation, rhizomatic writing, micromontage and articulation of musical discourse. Special thanks to Robert Normandeau.

Artist: Stefano Giannotti Title of work: Chorales for the New Old Europe - Old instruments and materials to create a new Europe; an old broken piano, whistles, ocarinas and barrel organ, refound objects, mellotron, a violin out of tune, a girl's voice; this is all what we need to create a new ecologic Europe, a Europe politically against the throwaway culture, a modern Europe careful to the problems of the recycling of energy 50 voices say the names of the 50 European states; their placement in the piece is in relation with the geographical surface of every single state calculated in seconds.

Composed and produced between September and Dec. Artist: Vikki Morton Title of work: Plants that Turn - more of an attempt at un-sequenced music, using synthesizers and the voice. The words are from Edvard Munch and his obsession with optics, light and naturalism. I worked with some of these ideas in recent paintings as well. Artist: Daniela Diurisi Title of work: Cola La Notte - "Cola la Notte" is a story of thoughts that follow and overlap in a time that is suspended, in an imaginative space.

The composition of anecdotal matrix is around two main sound objects that are presented in various forms until reaching the limit of the narrative credibility. Small incursions of "other" sounds minimal processing of the original sounds along with use of various spatial planes fuel the feeling of impossibility of reality while maintaining the illusion of being in a concrete context.

A third sound object, new and unexpected, with a strong narrative character, ends the story and wants to reveal how the suspension of joint action and suspension of time to think, a little journey into a still image of the daily time. It's a behind-the-scenes view of journalism, which is a process of editing and selecting, rather than transmitting a complete record to the public. Yet possibly a metaphor: a sonic equivalence to processes of searching for, entering and discovering new contexts and continuums; of crossing boundaries, of opening up to new expectations -- or, on the contrary: of drawing the line, of closing and barring, and excluding what might exist beyond.

Gareth K Vile takes up MC responsibilities while SpinOza and Hush construct a soundscape that promises to break the asinine assumptions about assimilation, alienation and Album). Gareth Vile is a writer who works in both audio and written forms, with the intention of developing new ways to approach critical responses to art.

Hush has a reputation for his diverse DJ sets from disco to Bollywood and is at the forefront of the current 'Ant-Exotica Loungecore' fashion, taking music seen as kitsch and reinvigorating it through the application of queer theory.

H2 Radiophrenia Shorts - Resistance. Like a lot of parents, my dad read stories to me when I was little. Unlike a lot of mums, mine recorded it on to tape. In this piece, the Rangecroft family's version of the children's story 'Little Red Wagon' meets Jack Arthur's musical version. Ours was recorded on to cassette in when I was two years old - Jack Arthur's was recorded on to Shellac in when my dad was two years old.

This work was edited from a series of jams which occurred over 8 months. We created this audio piece for an exhibition exploring the nature of collaboration. The audio piece played through stereo speakers within a gallery space and conditions for listening were not ideal within the gallery and location. We are keen to hear it in a different format, for example over radio waves.

Subsequently too there have been many people who have asked to hear it, which is another reason why we are interested in it being played over radio, allowing people to hear it in their own space.

Vociferous Palpitation explores the rhythmic, textual and subtle vocal properties found in a single percussive source when the sounds are stretched past breaking point. It is a spiraling form and this plays here with the physical reality of the tape loops used to make this piece, sound feeding back into itself, and as it does so, circling slowly away from its source, metaphor and mechanism become synonymous.

A composition of all the names shouted during a one hour Sunday league football match. Stereo spoken word piece. We decided to reactivate our Maison [home] Project begun inand to create a series of recordings with some inhabitants of Glasgow, in their personal spaces. Based on predefined rules, including the single-sequence shot as a filming method, the five people who accepted our experiment at home became the actors in a story about their everyday life.

Here, we present this composition under the form of a score that possibly could be performed by others, in other places, in other contexts, while also believing that the stakes of our labor will reveal themselves more directly in the course of this process than they would from a description evoked by an external point of view.

Through his aesthetic of capturing sound, his work fits equally into the fields of sound art and music. As a result of his in-situ listening processes, he creates forms of attention that creep into the venues, slowly infuse there, and become other possible spaces. Jim Whelton - Mouth Piece. A brief history of Radio as voiced by artificial speech synthesizers. The voices are provided by 'Vocaloids' - a software developed by Kenmochi Hideki in and subsequently promoted by the Yamaha Corporation.

Vocaloids and their avatars feature in J and K-pop with the most successful 'artist' being Hatsune Miku. Undoubtedly, considering issues of control and economics, the future voices of radio will be automatons - once voice synthesis technology has advanced toward a near perfect imitation of humanity. For now though, as anyone who's ever sat through a Stephen Hawking's lecture or asked Siri on their iFone for the best recipe for steamed light bulbs will tell you, the technology is unconvincing.

But they all laughed when the idea of radio was first mooted, didn't they Set in Glasgow, Negative Space tells the story of a young woman reeling from the death of her brother. An actor will then perform these on location, and these will be recorded.

These recordings will then be treated, removing the main body of vocal sound to leave mostly reflected sound. What remains is the sound of the space itself.

All these treated recordings will then be used as source material to create sonic interplay. In this piece, we aim to create a journey through spaces and abstracted textures that in various ways exhibit an absence of voice. Although character and story from the original book will necessarily be lost, a sense of place and atmosphere will be heightened, and the adaptation will create an entirely new piece that nevertheless remains true to the conceptual core of the novel.

Scarlett Thomas, writing in the Independent on Sunday, said that 'The first person voice drifts between past and present tense with astonishing effectiveness; intimate and real. Live-to-Air - Shelly Nadashi. A Hidden Quiet Pocket is a dialogue between a masseuse and her rich client. The client has a nice little apartment in the city centre and she needs some advice about how much rent she could possibly charge for it. The masseuse is more than happy to provide help.

Broken Lip suffers from a physical defect which limits her ability to speak — a cleft palate. She mourns her imperfection, she is jealous of people who can project their voice into public spaces and romantically, she shares her pain. The text essentially presents three characters, they incarnate each other, negating and affirming each other. Scire is a tribute to Gerald Gardner, using archive recordings of Gerald and associated subjects. The piece was recorded in Christchurch, Dorset and the surrounding area, involving visits to Gerald's Garden's former residence in Christchurch at Highcliffe-on-Sea.

The film and sound art are an exploration and re-evaluation of the Wica movement that Gerald pioneered with works such as Witchcraft today, a new beginning for an ancient craft. Matthew Shaw is a Dorset based artist and musician, using landscape perception, site specific recording techniques and meditation as a compositional gateway to sound as art. Exploring the theory that each piece could only happen in and at the exact place, time and atmosphere it is created, including all aspects included within the context.

Present tense composition using a wide variety of acoustic and electronic instruments, voice and environmental sound. Finished pieces are often accompanied with either visual art, film, photography or poetry in small hand made editions. This 30 minute piece was broadcast live from Octopus hq in Barrow In Furness as part of the Hannah Radio day in Julyperformed using 2 domestic record players, five walkman-type cassette machines and a bit of guitar.

It's part of a wider project loosely inspired by the allure of tape and vinyl, and a great admiration for some key figures in independent record production in the UK in the early 60's. Radiophrenia Shorts 11 - Ofcom. The inspiration for this work combines an appreciation of spoken word with an environmental issue I have been deeply concerned about for many years.

Scientific research about this vast system is still in its infant stages, however we do know that the baseflow of these underground basins provide water to sustain ecosystems in times of drought. When levels drop through overuse or fracturing of the bedrock and contamination or salination occur the effect on the environment is catastrophic.

Amanda King director, producer and engineer. True stories, intriguing folklore and aquatic sounds from the writer Caitlin Davies, the historian Chris Roberts, the architect and imagination behind the Thames Baths Project, Chris Lee Romer and the artists and Mudlarkers Nicola White and her partner David.

Artist: Alan Meaney Title of work: Salle de Bain - This piece is inspired by my bathroom at home and the sounds within. No human sounds are included you'll be glad to knowbut you will hear recorded and treated sounds of the toilet, fan, water pump, deodorant can, electric toothbrush, shower, shower gel bottle, shower door, toilet lid, bath mat, tap, plughole and more. The focus is on the coxswain's commands which resemble a funk singer's ones and which make the team become one body working their way through the waters.

It seeks to evoke the mystical quality of water in nature through a combination of vocal sounds breathing, whispering and humming and field recording of waves. I started to record at the top of the stream where there is a pool of water and a medium-sized waterfall.

I then made several recordings as I walked downstream, towards the mouth at the sea. Artist: Dganit Elyakim Title of work: Blond - How does one say happy birthday in a musical piece to a leading composer in the electroacoustic scene? When Prof. Clarence Barlow asked me to write a tape miniature for his 60th birthday, adding a cultural component to a structured composition seemed like a tongue-in-cheek way to include an extra dimension for the occasion.

This gave rise to the idea of relying on collective memory as a framework. This progression leads to a climax when the entire phrase is decoded.

The publication is a collection of silences grouped on a CD, with printed material. The notion of assonance proposes a silence that resonates in the other, the sound context that resonates in listening and vice versa, in a process of re-dispatch, repetition and vertigo. Recorded over three days on Inisheer Island, off the west coast of Galway, the piece aims to present the acoustic ecology of the island in a way that reflects it's complex literary, religious and natural history. This is 20 minute rendition of several phone app dictaphone sounds recorded in These are all from the central belt of Scotland with a brief commentary accompanying each.

Quality varies as is inevitable when trying to surreptitiously trying to record events and people but the general theme is a slight comfort in bleakness. The clips include an argument at a front door in a block of flats, a guy in a pub talking about football violence, two brothers fighting and a finale 8min clip of the end of a night out with swelling sound background.

I live and work in Glasgow and have a keen interest in experimental music as well as playing in the more traditional Scottish indie band the Just Joans. I am also involved in low budget film making collective 'Theories on Noise' who focus on short films with a heavy emphasis on sound and music.

Shaun Lewin - Winner Stays On. This model will be run 10 times and the most satisfying sequences will constitute a 3 act play with a duration of approximately 15 minutes. This material will be accompanied by field recordings of the environments in which my Youtube consumption takes place. Much of his current artistic practice involves the decontextualisation of field recordings and the repurposing of public domain video footage.

Four part radio drama. An ominous hum has been heard rolling over the faceless suburbia of Rothstead. Wailing and sweeping like whale-song. The locals are scared and the cats are screaming. Peter Heath is the man tasked with investigating these unsettling acoustic events.

Will he find his answer, or get lost in the mist? Written and read by James O'Neill. Sound design and music by Paul Freeman. Paul Freeman is a sound designer, sound artist and composer. His work often explores our aural connection to place, with his current research particularly focusing on issues related to suburbia, psychogeography and gentrification.

James O'Neill is a writer, sculptor and animator. His work often explores storytelling, nostalgia and emotive evocation. His work draws him to stories of domesticity and suburban existence. Freeman and O'Neill have collaborated on a number of varying projects during the course of several years experimenting in both visual and audio mediums. Artist: Magz Hall and Jim Backhouse. Radio Recall features radio memories of visitors to the Old Lookout Gallery in Broadstairs Kent UK a former fisherman's Lookout across the English channel, the installation was transmitted to a collection of vintage radio receivers which gave each radio a specific voice.

Description of work gas-tower. Why are we feeling such a definite weight of disinterest in most of this stuff we are experiencing? What is lacking is something more experiential or visceral that can provoke some sort of internal let alone an external debate The essence of art whether drawn from symbolic or ritualistic purpose is that it acts on a number of senses in order to stimulate an intellectual experience in ways that are not reducible to I envisage the audio work that I will produce to have many individual parts that would endeavor to create an idea of a whole, a journey through the discarded and re-appropriated material I have stumbled upon discarded and re-assimilated during gas-tower.

Bitrate: Lossless MGMT - Kids. George Mraz - jazz bassist and alto saxophonist Jason Stein - bass clarinet Jason Mraz. Sounds kinda like a cross between Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz, but with more balls. Jason Mraz - Mr. May 8, — j cole born sinner album download zip Jul 15, — Crossfire Alex Balanko's aptly-named third album dives into a APE album size. Jason Mraz Mar 17, — Mostly flac.

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Artist: jasonc Song Lotus is the seventh studio album by American recording artist Christina Aguilera, released in November Liz Mitchell - This Holy Night [] Found 20 mp3 files.

Download Album mp3 file at kbps high quality on your android, ios or pc!. Tyngdepunktet bretter seg ut over halve platen. Det er i seg selv bemerkelsesverdig. En by med en vibrerende musikkscene, og der en god andel er med her. Autumn bears a bitter song Creeping out across the yard And weaving through the alder branches overhead Of all that is escaping us I have never been so certain as today. Legg et nytt navn til denne rekken.

Marissa Nadler har et visst slektskap til den engelske folkscenen og tradisjonell britisk musikk, i likhet med de gode hjelpere i Espers.

Av de mange erfarne musikerne som ellers er med, kan det nevnes at trommis Jay Bellerose tidligere har dasket med Suzanne Vega og Elton John, og at Dylan Williams bratsj har spilt en del med indie-heltene Guided By Voices. Sjefen er likevel Nina Nastasia. Et sted mellom disse kan vi plassere Nina Nastasia. Disse unge, obsternasige jentene bryter en del med den tradisjonelle viseformen.

Nive Sings! Og la meg si det med en gang — dette er en utmerket plate. Det var derfor med en viss forventning jeg satte meg ned sammen med hennes debutalbum. Og for en stemme! Thomas er bosatt i Seattle, og der er hun for mange kjent som stand-up komikeren Sheila. Med stemmen som hovedinstrument og den akustiske gitaren som varsomt akkompagnement sier det selv at dette ikke er et karneval av en plate.

Det betaler seg, dette er en plate som, tross sin minimalistiske kledning, har en kraft som drar lytteren mot seg. Hans signatur er slett ikke fjern fra Will, men noe lunere og varmere i stilen er han, den svingende stemmen som beveger seg fra verandahusken og helt tilbake til amerikansk folkemusikks barndom deler de begge.

Joji er likevel ingen Joya. Spokane Spokane har et landsens preg over seg, men ikke som the usual cup of country. Spokane blir gjerne kalt Syrinbyen Lilac Cityen blomst som avhengig av fargen symboliserer ungdommelig uskyld, anstendighet, renhet, ydmykhet. The Proud Graduates kan nemlig med glede benyttes utenfor soverommet. Da vil tankene kunne flyte uforstyrret en stund, tenker jeg.

Gjennom korte, talende setninger understrekes den relativt tungsindige stemningen. Et fellestrekk er etter sigende erfaringen de fikk etter en alvorlig bilulykke bandet var involvert i for kort tid siden, noe som i hvert fall kan leses direkte fra platetittelen. Med det har Spokane vendt seg noe bort fra kammerstemningen som preget forgjengerne.

Ikke en tone til overs. En park med tomme benker. Mittens full of snow. And the promise of warm hands. Det er fremdeles helt stille overalt. Du setter deg ned og ser natten langsomt lysne til dag. Og der kan du sitte. The length of days has widened now. The cost of times seems clear. Det hviler en trolsk, nesten gammelmodig stemning over denne utgivelsen, noe i likhet med hva skotske Appendix Out har gjort til sitt varemerke. Bevel etableres inn i den mer tilbaketrukne delen av folk-tradisjonen.

I det minste for en stakket stund. Summer Hymns fra Athens, Georgia About You - Shape Shifter (8) - Guillaume Soloacoustic (CDr virkelig opp til navnet sitt. De er til gjengjeld meget betagende. Summer Hymns anno har ikke helt mistet popsensibiliteten sin, men heller tonet noe ned sin form for psykedelia-pop. Value Series Vol. Value Series. Magnet Mountain er hans andre album. Musikken er fortsatt langsom, dvelende tar det aldri helt av med Early.

Instrumenteringen er holdt enkel, her er det ikke tegn til leven av noe slag. Og rosa. Inspirert av denne seansen ble EPen Jehovah Surrender til. Micah P. Hinson: Micah P. Noe av det mest imponerende med hans debut er den store variasjonen han med tilsynelatende letthet behersker.

Oktober i fjellet. Denne trioen spiller i hvert fall musikk som passer til denslags rurale aktiviteter.

Uten moderne staffasje og med bare akustiske strengeinstrumenter; Horse Feathers er likevel ikke det sedvanlige fjellfolk-bandet. Helen er et flott stykke enkelhet. Den slags blir det fine toner av. Rivers Roll On By er Album) deres fjerde siden slutten av tallet.

The Executioners Last Song er ikke bare nok en glimrende plate. Tex Edwards, fra platen med samme navn. Han blottlegger mye nerve, en del frustrasjon og desperasjon, i et toneleie som preges av rangling og levd liv. Ytterst lovende med andre ord, fra dette debuterende Toronto-bandet. Det lover godt for fremtiden. You know that anyone calling in the middle of its playing will never see that room in the same light ever again.

Denne var noe mer fremtredende hos Eno, da han plasserte Daniel Lanois i en lignende rolle. Melodi som begrep passer ikke til det Stars Of The Lid steller med. Dette er minimalisme i ordets rette betydning. Pulserende, langsomt og repeterende endres harmoniene over tid, og akkurat som en lavalampe dannes stadig nye og overraskende former.

Lytt, lytter — og rommet er ikke lenger det samme. Kanter er ikke-eksisterende, dette er musikk i flytende form. Lydbildet er kresent, det er som enkelte spor puster tungt mot oss. Det lages duve klanger, slike som kan fylle de fineste dyner, og lytting over hodetelefoner anbefales varmt.

Jeg vet likevel ikke helt. Men det er mitt tap, ikke ditt. Trives du med mediterende, hypnotiske toner som saaaakte former stjernebilder du lar deg suge inn i? The Dead Texan skaper musikk som hever seg over hverdagens, ja, egentlig hele verdens trivialiteter.

Og det er vitterlig en slags utenomjordisk, sanselig stemning som preger Blood Is Simple. Over dette grunnlaget skjer det mye rart; hviskende stemmer, forstyrrende, skramlebrudd og horror-lignende klokkespill.

Det er flere flotte spor her. Et kjennetegn ved Vidas virke er hans brede nedslagsfelt, men alt med en eksperimentell holdning trygt plassert i den progressive musikkscenen i Chicago. Sinnet kan dermed renskes for andre konnotasjoner enn det rent musikalske, og egne bilder kan eventuelt formuleres.

Vida viser mye av sitt unektelig store talent, og Untitled er en plate med mye fin musikk. Her er oppbygningen sterkere, og den gjentakende stilen kommer mer til sin rett. I kompaniskap med en kassegitar blir det gjerne litt molefonken musikk ut av slikt. Sweet synger som om hans egen stemme er ham fremmed. Mindre bruk av feltopptak, og mer strykere gir denne et mer elegant innpakning, men ideene er de samme.

Eller i hvert fall noen flere. Det er en tilstand som sannsynligvis vil vedvare lenge etter at denne timen har svunnet hen. Unknown Spin er et urovekkende stykke improvisasjonskunst. Uneasy listening, indeed. A Vintage Burden For en gledelig overraskelse! Dette er musikk for dager About You - Shape Shifter (8) - Guillaume Soloacoustic (CDr sorger. Drug Money er hans tredje plate solodebuten Losing Every Day kom i De lever sitt eget liv. Denne er todelt, der de siste minuttene bringer oss inn mot mer hellig grunn.

Harmony In Ultraviolet er en langt rikere opplevelse enn det mange av hans samtidige tastaturknastere driver med. Labradford: Mi Media Naranja Labradford gjorde det ikke umiddelbart lett for seg selv da de i lanserte sitt flotteste verk. Skapt for evigheten. Vi er anti-Van Halen, anti-skolerte og anti-teknikk. Det viktigste er at musikken kommer fra hjertet. Kjetil Nernes, Utgiver av Rogues Gallery er igjen landets beste selskap for tiden; Safe as Milk.

The Land Of The Good Groove - Nile Rodgers - Adventures In The Land Of The Good Groove (Cassette, Al, Salario Garantito [Versione Originale 1992] - 99 Posse - NA_99_10° (Cassette, Album), Mood Indigo - Earl Grant - Beyond The Reef And Other Instrumental Favorites (Vinyl, LP, Album), Tu Pueblo Es Mi Pueblo - Danny Rivera - Danny Rivera (Vinyl, LP, Album), Column - Jacobs Mouse - Im Scared (CD, Album), Poo Vaikka - K.V. Mahadevan*, Kannadasan - Musical Hits Of Yester Years (CD), Bobby Hutcherson - Happenings (CD, Album), Fights, The City Dreams ... IV) Clowning Around - Eh! Geoff Mann Band - Ministry Of The Interior (CD, Album), Time In A Bottle - Jim Croce - Photographs & Memories: His Greatest Hits (Cassette), Yes, Indeed - Eric Dolphy With Mal Waldron & Ron Carter - Where? + The Quest (CD, Album), Temptation - Various - New Romantic Legends (CD)